Sex shops

Greetings to you on the solstices of Līgo and Jāņi!
Shops have changed their opening hours for the holidays – check contact section.

Salon “LABI” (in Riga – 8, A.Kalniņa street) is working around the clock (since 01.03.2022)!
Even in the darkest hours of the day, we look forward to recommending you something spicy from our wide range of products!

Salon “LABI” (in Riga – 47, Lāčplēša street) is open (since 15.11.2021)!
Salon “LABI” (in Riga – 8, A.Kalniņa street) is open (since 15.11.2021)!

We are inviting you to visit and shop in our online store of intimate goods “TEV.LABI.LV

Sex shop “LABI” network has been operating in Latvia since 1993 and offers a wide range or erotic products, as well as services. Currently there are two “LABI” shops.

Twenty eight years of experience provides a wide assortment of various sex toys and gadgets, as well as reasonable prices, as we buy straight from the manufacturer, without middlemen.

“LABI” salons work with individuals, pairs or groups.

Our staff can find something suitable for any customer!

“LABI” salon products and services are available to persons over 18 years of age.