About the company

About the company

SIA “CSSL” is founded in 1993. Currently sex shop network “LABI” consists of 3 shops (2 shops in historic centre of Riga and one online shop “TEV.LV”).

  • First shop was opened on 23 January 1994 on 61 Lāčplēša Street.
  • Second shop opened on 25 January 1996 on 22 Elizabetes Street.
    This shop moves to 8 A.Kalniņa Street as of 30 May 1998.
  • Third shop was opened on 21 January 2001 on 47 Lāčplēša Street.
  • In 2002 online shop “TEV.LV” started operating.
  • Newest “LABI” shop was opened on 19 January 2004 on 98 Brīvības Street.
  • on late October 2018 “LABI” shop 98 Brīvības Street was closed.

There has been not a single reproach from the supervisory bodies or the public of failure to comply with public order or morality norms during the entire 23 year operating period of SIA “CSSL” sex shops.

Our operation has been appreciated by:

  • Riga Municipality with Certificate of Appreciation (2004)
  • Exhibition company “BT-1” with Note of Gratitude (2008)
  • Parex Bank with Note of Gratitude (2010)
  • 11 notes of gratitude (years 1998 to 2009) from charity organisations for care of the disabled and children.