Movie hall

Movie halls are operating in “LABI” shops in 8 A.Kalniņa street and 47 Lāčplēša street.

Two movie halls are operating simultaneously. “Multi kino” is the latest approach to video art realisation. Every day we offer 4 new DVD movies for the viewer’s attention. Two movie halls, equipped with modern video equipment and sound system – will offer you unforgettable impressions.

Entrance fee for the movie hall at 47 Lāčplēša street – 6.00 € (2 halls) and entrance fee for the movie hall at 8 A.Kalniņa street – 7.00 € (3 halls).

Pay once and spend any amount of time in “Multi kino”. All means of payment are accepted so you can immediately dive into the fantastic world of “Multi kino”.

Movies are shown simultaneously – a different one in each hall. You can switch movie halls without additional payment. A bar with a wide assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is located at the entrance to the movie hall for the drinks of your choice.

“Multi kino” is available 24 hours a day. Additional services – two toilets.