Mistress’ Boudoir

Experience shows that there is no small number of people in Latvia, who are interested in SM. Finally the country’s first official sado-salon or torture chamber has been made.

As you can see in the photos, everything has been made by local craftsmen, according to international standards.

It goes without saying that the Mistress has a plethora of whips, batons, handcuffs, pegs for nipples or balls and other special tools, including wall of shame and a small dungeon, where the Mistress (M) locks up her slave, leading him to paroxysm of passion.

There is a leather swing in the salon, where M seats the man she is about to punish with a strap-on act. There is also a special throne for the Mistress, made so that the slave can be under the Mistress, licking her ass or serving as a potty.

We will add that the Mistress in officer’s uniform is Sasha and the Mistress in net stockings is Lola. Linda also works at the salon. You can meet with the lady of your liking, or to Mistresses at once, which will be more expensive.

There is a TV set in the salon, constantly showing different SM movies. “LABI” salons have proved themselves well over the years. Here is safe, we have security, there is no outflow of confidential information, all rules of hygiene are adhered to.

Mistress’ torture chamber in 47 Lacplesa Street is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – around a clock (00 – 24).

A visit at the torture chamber will cost you 64,00 €. The meeting can be arranged ahead of time, by dialling number 67286115 and asking for the Mistress, to talk over the scenario of meeting.

At your disposal – the first in Latvia, legal Mistress’ Chamber of Torture: Riga, 47 Lacplesa Street, phone: 67286115.